General Safety


  1.  Any Violation of the Safety Rules will Result in the Offending participant being Ejected from the Day’s Play without a Refund
  2. Goggles/masks must be worn at all times. Participants must have goggles on whenever on the playing field. At no time will a participant break the seal of the goggle from around their face on the field. Only goggles specifically rated for paintball impacts are allowed at any time. We provide rental masks and any eye protection brought by a customer will be inspected before use.
  3. Blind firing is not allowed. Participants must always be looking at their targets while shooting. 
  4. No shooting or dry firing in the staging area. Participants may not discharge their guns outside of the playing area.
  5. Barrel covers are required. participants may never remove their barrel cover unless on the playing field. If you lose your barrel cover leave your marker in the playing area and call for assistance from a member of the staff. This is for the safety of those around you. Please note that barrel plugs are not allowed. If you do not have a barrel sock, you must buy one. All rentals include barrel socks.
  6. The only objects participants are allowed to climb on are structures that have a staircase leading up them.
  7. No physical contact. Participants will never touch another participant or their equipment. Any contact is grounds for removal from play and ejection.
  8. Unauthorized equipment is not allowed on the playing field. participants are not allowed to bring onto the playing field any equipment deemed to be unsafe or not appropriate by the field staff. Participants are not allowed to bring onto the field tools of any kind, paint grenades, paint mines, multiple paintball launchers, pyrotechnics, smoke grenades, or any type of explosives.
  9. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on the premises, nor are participants allowed to play under the influence.
  10. Verbal abuse and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Profanity, name calling, fighting, or anything else deemed to be inappropriate can be grounds for expulsion. participants ejected for rule violations will not be given a refund.
  11.  Blind Man Rule; On the call of “Blind Man”, participants need to immediately put their barrel socks on. Stand stationary at your position and do not move until the “Game On” command is given by staff. Only at that time may you remove your barrel sock and continue to play. Use the “Blind Man” rule if you or another participant is injured or loses their eye protection during play. If you lose your eye protection, scream “Blind Man” and cover your eyes with your hands until the Ref arrives to assist you.
  12. Do not shoot refs.
  13.  All persons moving throughout the playing field need to have a waiver on file. 
  14. Do not disassemble the rental equipment. If you are experiencing difficulties with your equipment please bring it to the attention of a staff member.
  15. Referees decisions on the field are final. participants are not allowed to argue with any referees. Our referees will be happy to discuss any call after the game if you need clarification on a rule.


Bringing Your Own Gear



  1. Customers are allowed to bring their own gear & markers for open play. Those with 0.68cal markers will be separated from 0.50cal for safety and to make things more enjoyable for everyone.
  2. All personal markers will be chrono’d before play to fall under 265 FPS outdoor/ 240 FPS indoor. Making adjustments to your gun after the fact will be grounds for immediate ejection and potential further repercussions.
  3. Personal markers must be locked to semi automatic at Power Paintball. Full auto & ramping are not allowed unless it's a private event.
  4. All markers must be brought in concealed in a gun bag or case. A garbage bag, blanket, or similar is not considered safe and not allowed.





    1. Due to the nature of the facility and its location within an active mall there are specific safety conditions every participant must abide to. If these conditions are not met participants may be asked to leave.
    2. All participants must enter the mall through Entrance A (entrance adjacent to the Power Paintball facility). You must go directly into the Power Paintball facility with your equipment. Do not wander the mall with it.
    3. All participants must enter wearing only street clothes. No gear or other airsoft equipment may be worn in the public mall.
    4. You must proceed directly to the Power Paintball facility after parking and drop off any camo, gear, or other airsoft equipment you may have.
    5. All guns must be in legitimate gun bags. No trash bags, blankets, etc are acceptable concealment for your airsoft gun.
    6. Any participant caught violating these “Golden Rules” will not be welcome to return to the Power Paintball facility for future events or games.
    1. Every participant must be using full seal ANSI Z87.1 rated eye protection. Eye protection is required for any participant once they enter the field from staging. Safety glasses, shooting glasses, or mesh goggles are not allowed at any time. A full seal goggle/glasses is defined by any goggle/glasses that form a seal around the lenses that fully contacts the skin and will not let a bb past the seal. Players under the age of 18 must have full face protection such as a paintball mask or mesh lower to go with their googles.
    2. Eye protection on at all times when on the field! No wiping goggles unless the staging area or with an escort to a safe spot from staff! NO EXCEPTIONS.
    3. Any participants found removing their eye protection on the playing field will get a warning and be asked to sit out and any future violations will result in being ejected from the field.
    4. In staging all pistols must be holstered. All other weapons must have the magazine removed, chamber cleared, & barrel sock on.
    5. Barrel socks are required. No socks for feet, gloves, or any other homemade blocking device is allowed. If you do not have one they will be available on site.
    6. Barrel Blockers remain on your airsoft gun when not in play. Blockers stay in until game on game on & blockers go back on when game over is called. 
    7. Participants will be allowed to use only airsoft specific guns.  No "BB Guns". Any toy guns converted to use airsoft BB's are subject to staff approval. 
    8. BBs that are not plastic are not allowed. No metal, ceramic, or any other type of BB is allowed. Being caught with these kinds of BBs means automatic ejection from field and permanent ban from the field.
    9. No Airsoft BBs heavier than a 0.32g are allowed.
    10. Do not shoot game props, equipment or netted areas. 
    11. Do not overshoot participants
    12. Be aware of your surroundings, floors get slippery and small objects are placed around the field.
    13. No running on second floors, stairs or ramps.
    14. A “Kill Rag” must be on your person at all times. A “Kill Rag” is defined as a red towel, cloth, or other red marking device approved by staff.
    1. ALL airsoft guns will chronograph using 0.32g BBs. Your gun must fall under 1.14J. Staff will provide the 0.32g BBs to chrono with. participants may use any BBs they choose between 0.12g-0.32g for play.
    2. All Weapons systems that use an adjustable air source will be required to use a “Tournament Lock” on their regulator(s)
    3. Participants cannot use the same regulator with different guns without re-chronoing the different gun with that regulator.
    1. All airsoft guns must be semi automatic only.
    2. For regular play there are no magazine restrictions.
    3. Any “Riot Shields” or other BB blocking devices are NOT allowed unless approved by staff.
    1. Any participant caught with their gun out of the bag outside of the Power Paintball facility will face automatic ejection and permanent ban from the field.
    2. Calling your hits; Any part of your body or gear is a hit, even gun hits. Make sure to call your hit LOUDLY and raise your hands in the air and walk back to your designated area.
    3. Do not shoot before or after the game, keep those barrel socks on.
    4. No Minimum Engagement Distance (MED)
      1. Participants have the option of employing a “safety/bang kill” within 10ft as a courtesy. Participants and neither required to take it nor offer it. 
    5. No grenades
    6. Hit or “dead” participants do not talk to other active participants.
    7. Ammo on the ground is considered used and unsafe for use in any airsoft gun, do not attempt to reuse ammo found on the field or staging area.
    8. Do not move anything on the field unless specified by staff
    9. You may not shoot through any crack or hole smaller that your face, this is called a “Slat”
    10. Only staff members may fill Air Tanks (HPA)
  6. Uniform Requirements
    1. Some events may have uniform requirements. Every week walk-on play does not. These are requirements and not recommendations. If participants cannot meet these requirements it will result in participants being asked to change or leave.
    2. Camo patterns are based on a Green vs Tan base. Listed below are some (not all) approved base colors.
      1. Tan: Multicam, AOR1, Desert Digital, ATACS-AU, DCU, Khaki, Sand, Multicam Arid, Kryptek Nomad, Tan Flight Suit, Desert Marpat
      2. Green: Woodland, Woodland Digital, AOR2, ATACS-FG, Multicam Tropic, Project Honor, Ranger Green, OD Green, Green Flight Suit, Flecktarn
      3. If you are unsure about what to wear, ask! Participants should not show up day of event to ask.
    3. Gear color does not matter.  You can wear any color gear you wish.
    4. Red shirts may only be worn by Staff.